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Impressions over the years with friends and colleagues from the national and international music scene

Photos by: Karsten Schuh, Ute und Georg Haupenthal, Uwe Heller, Uli Weis, Norbert Ramelli, Bernd Rohr, Andrea NT, Layoutist, Ralph Louis, Richard Feilen, Photo Praxis, u. a.

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>> ...a dedicated line between blues soul and fingertips. Blind Dog Mayer has two of them, one for the harp and one that ends at his vocal cords.


The harmonica player pulls his wealth of ideas out of his musical sleeve as a trump card and it is he who impresses with his small instrument as well as his voice. With his energetic, roughened voice Blind Dog Mayer makes mood and in general the ending of this disc is very successful... <<

(Rocktimes Magazine)



>> ...After the band introduction, chief singer Meyer unpacks the harmonica. The instrument has surely been lying around in a barrel of whiskey for a whole day, that's how awesome the harp sounds and if there should be something like a reference list for harmonica sounds, then this contribution definitely belongs in that list! <<




>> "Live, with timeless blues of the greats! ..." <<




>> ...With singer Blind Dog Mayer, the musicians from Saarland have a real shouter in their ranks, who knows how to deal with the audience...<<

(Nordsee Newspaper)



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Source: Rocktimes magazine

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